under the hood.

In "Under the Hood", actors dramatise a cyber attack at a major automotive company, asking the audience to help identify the insider threat within the organisation as the story unfolds. Perfect for corporate events, training sessions, and conferences, this interactive play will leave your audience informed, inspired, and better prepared to handle cybersecurity threats.


learning outcome

insider threat


industry specific

the scenario.

"Under the Hood" is a dynamic, five-act play that follows the journey of a leading car manufacturing firm as it faces a serious cyber security threat.

With a plot centred around an insider threat, this play is designed to educate and engage audiences on the complexities of cybersecurity in a relatable and entertaining way.

Between each act, the audience is invited to participate in the story by guessing who the insider threat might be. This interactive element not only keeps the audience engaged but also reinforces the importance of vigilance and critical thinking in cyber security.

learning outcomes.

  • Insider Threat

    Learn how to recognise the signs and characteristics of insider threat and gain insight into the motives behind it. 

  • Access Controls

    Understand the reasoning behind the use of access controls to protect sensitive data. 

  • recognise importance of training

    Make clear the benefits of simulated attacks and ongoing cyber security training to keep employees informed about threats

  • phishing & social engineering

    Recognise the importance of promptly reporting potential security incidents, including phishing and social engineering attempts.

story overview.

Act one: Ignition

Join the team at Cheetah Automotive as they unveil their latest innovation, the CheetahDrive system. The celebration is cut short by a mysterious system glitch, raising concerns about a potential insider threat.

Act two: Warning Lights

Discover the unauthorised access to the CheetahDrive source code. As suspicions grow, a cyber security consultant is brought in to investigate, uncovering alarming signs of an internal breach.

Act three: under the radar

Engage in the investigation as interviews reveal potential motives and opportunities for various employees. The tension rises as hints of external collaboration come to light.

Act four: brake point

Witness another breach targeting the production line, revealing evidence of an insider aiding a competitor. The team races against time to prevent further sabotage.

Act five: the reveal

Participate in the dramatic finale where the true insider threat is exposed. Learn how the company takes decisive actions to strengthen their cyber security measures and prevent future threats.

engaging and educational

This play combines entertainment with education, making complex cybersecurity concepts accessible and memorable.

interactive participation

Audience members actively participate in the story, making the learning experience immersive and impactful.

relatable scenario

The storyline is designed to reflect real-world challenges faced by modern organisations, providing practical insights and solutions.

Customisable Content

Tailor the narrative to your industry to address specific cybersecurity challenges and regulatory requirements.

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