Come Closer...

We've got a Secret to Share.

Just because something has “always been done this way”, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one. Bend the rules. Live a little. Come to the dark side. We’ve got biscuits.

Our Why.

Can't touch this

There are a f*ck ton of statistics out there highlighting the importance of "hands on" learning. A Harvard study found that active learning techniques improved learning outcomes across the board, even when students felt it wasn't as effective. And we have first hand experience of it working beautifully.

Getting your hands dirty really is the best way to develop new skills, retain information, and reduce the dreaded "skill fade" that plagues our industry.

Favourite Teacher

Think back to school. A long way back for some of you, we know. Now think about who your favourite teacher was. Was it the one who was always moaning at you? The one who was a bit more stick than carrot? The one who droned on at you from a textbook?

If it was, then you're ok to stop reading here. But if you chose the one who made you laugh, got you engaged, and made you think about the subject in a whole new way, you're in luck. We're well on the way to becoming your new favourite training partner.

Common Sense

One of the reasons active learning (like our interactive escape rooms) works so well is that it engages more of your senses, which allows your brain to create more memories about the experience you are having.

In layman's terms,  if you can touch, see, and hear an activity, your brain lights up like a Christmas tree. You'll retain the knowledge for longer, and be more likely to recall it when you need it.

Can't argue with science.

Like what you see?

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Meet the team.

Amy Stokes-Waters, CEO of The Cyber Escape Room Co.

Amy Stokes-Waters

Amy is the CEO and main driver behind esc. With over a decade of experience in the IT sector, Amy's built a reputation as a force of nature, disrupting the industry with her no nonsense approach. Her past roles cover sales, marketing and project management, and with a network that's tough to rival, she knows how to make things happen. 

An advocate for bringing more women and minorities into cyber, Amy speaks about diversity and inclusion regularly, both at events and on social media. She likes to do things differently. And believes good things come to those who put the effort in. 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-12 at 14.17.59
Non-Exec Director

dane clackworthy.

Dane's twenty years in the Royal Marines, and more recent experience as Head of Sales with OT specialists CyberPrism, brings invaluable insights into the military and CNI sectors.

Phil Cracknell, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Non-Exec Director

Phil Cracknell.

Since the 90s, Phil's been an instrumental figure in the cyber security industry having held numerous prestigious roles, including advising the UK Cabinet Office.

Michael Sage, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Non-Exec Director


Heading up the Digital Services department at Chelmsford City Council, Michael brings his knowledge of UK public sector to the team. And a huge stack of ideas for new scenarios.

Team Pics (1)
Head of Sales

mike wager.

Team Pics
country lead - south africa

yolanda cornelius.

Team Pics (2)
Head of delivery

ric hodder.

Advisory board.


Rob Lancaster.

Kasia Ferguson, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.

Kasia Ferguson.

Keith Price, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.

Keith Price.

Team Pics (4)

Alan Coo.

Team Pics (5)

Stuart Avery.

our values.


Be intriguing

When people have fun and are curious, they learn more, they engage better, and make positive connections with the subject.


Be inclusive

We don't like leaving people out, so that means finding ways of including everyone and ensuring there are equal opportunities for learning.


Be innovative

When we stand still, we lose our competitive edge so we’re always on the look out for new ideas, new connections and new ways to think.


The cyber escape room has been excellent. We took it away to Germany and I had five teams of five go through it, all of them thought it was really fun and made them start thinking about their security procedures.

On return to the UK, I then got it round four of my locations, and it is being used for the final time tonight. Again, the guys have thought it’s really engaging and have enjoyed using it.

The most interesting parts for me have been during the debriefs at the end. It’s been great to hear of people’s own experiences of being hacked, or dealing with their companies being hacked, and then being able to pull out the similarities between those attacks and what they learnt in the escape room.

It has been critically useful to focus people’s attention to the threats, and what they can do to reduce the risk of us being attacked.

So, a big thumbs up from us!


CISO, Ministry of Defence



With my own technical skills limited to say the least, I agreed to participate with a degree of trepidation.

However, I needn't have worried (too much). It was a game that required logic and problem-solving skills, and occasionally thinking outside the box, similar in style to the traditional 'escape room', albeit without the need to physically escape from a room.

James Coker

Deputy Editor, Infosec Magazine



The cyber escape room idea is honestly one of the best things I’ve seen in a very very long time and not just because it’s completely innovative.

It’s massively engaging and it’s hugely portable… creating engagement and teaching the objectives you want to teach through real interaction rather than just slideware is an incredible innovation, and it’s just brilliant.

Rik Ferguson

VP Security Intelligence, Forescout



I see these escape rooms bringing value to any organisation. It is great as a team building exercise as it encourages collaboration and communication. It brings the added value of cultivating cyber security awareness as it can provide hands on experience with challenges relating to phishing, malware etc. They also act as stress relief and an opportunity to identify leaders as some activities showcase hidden leadership skills.

kay adelaja

student, uom



Chelmsford City Council have spent the last two years investing heavily in cyber security, we wanted to make sure the council was in the best shape possible. As part of this we knew we needed to invest in training for staff including all IT and our senior managers. We tried going out to market to look for something new and innovative and we contacted Esc.

The team at Esc were genuinely looking to bring something new to the market, so we got in touch and ran our own custom Esc room scenario at our offices for all our IT staff. We made sure to mix technical and non-technical and placed people who don’t normally work together in teams. The day went amazingly! The product is different, fun and engaging as well as being hugely educational, you could see staff understand the importance of good cyber hygiene as they worked through the tasks. The mix of physical and technical tasks balances really well and it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into them. Since running our team day we have bought both the new Esc scenarios and plan to run them after our next management team cyber update.

In summary Esc is fun, engaging, educational training that offers an awesome complimentary package for cyber security across the whole organisation, it’s also exceptional value for money! Win-win-win!

Michael Sage

Head of Digital, Chelmsford City Council



It was challenging without being too difficult. I was engaged, present and interested in the task. These escape rooms will help foster teamwork and collaboration in a short space of time.

Dane Clackworthy

Head of Sales, Cyberprism



I really enjoyed the escape room event. In one hour, I got closer to fellow Heads of Security, Advisers and CISOs than I would during a full day industry event unless I tried very hard. I think it is testimony to the format. I am sure vendors will like to engage audiences this way, and large IT teams can get closer to their security this way too.

Zibby Kwecka

vciso lead, quorum cyber



We've often struggled for away day activities as we have quite a wide range of staff to accommodate, so some people often lose out. The escape room was a great way to bring the team together inclusively, in a familiar but challenging way.

It definitely ticked our boxes and we will definitely be keeping you in mind for future team-building and away-day activities.

In the words of ebay of old: top company, great comms, fast delivery, items as described. Would definitely recommend. A++.

Matt Hunter

Digital Forensics Manager, National Trading Standards



Esc ran The Heist escape room for SEP2’s Cyber Summit event at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Having an activity, and especially one that was ‘hands on’ and didn’t involve any screens, made for a really nice change of pace and kept all our guests engaged.

Everyone involved really enjoyed themselves and we had some great feedback. I’d definitely recommend Esc to anyone looking for something a little different for their events.

Laura Bird

Marketing Manager, Sep2