come closer. we’ve got a secret to share.

Just because something has “always been done this way”, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one. Bend the rules. Live a little. Come to the dark side. We’ve got biscuits.

our why.

Can't touch this

There are a f*ck ton of statistics out there highlighting the importance of “hands on” learning. A Harvard study found that active learning techniques improved learning outcomes across the board, even when students felt it wasn't as effective. And we have first hand experience of it working beautifully.

Getting your hands dirty really is the best way to develop new skills, retain information, and reduce the dreaded “skill fade” that plagues our industry.

favourite teacher

Think back to school. A long way back for some of you, we know. Now think about who your favourite teacher was. Was it the one who was always moaning at you? The one who was a bit more stick than carrot? The one who droned on at you from a textbook?

If it was, then you're ok to stop reading here. But if you chose the one who made you laugh, got you engaged, and made you think about the subject in a whole new way, you're in luck. We're well on the way to becoming your new favourite training partner.

Common Sense

One of the reasons active learning (like our interactive escape rooms) works so well is that it engages more of your senses, which allows your brain to create more memories about the experience you are having.


In layman’s terms,  if you can touch, see, and hear an activity, your brain lights up like a Christmas tree. You'll retain the knowledge for longer, and be more likely to recall it when you need it. Can’t argue with science.

what makes us different.


Our cyber escape rooms come in a briefcase, not a shipping container. As long as you’ve got a desk and some willing participants, you can run them from anywhere.

Hands On

Fully digital learning is so 2018, so we give you real artefacts to play with instead. We’ve got phones, wallets, notebooks, laptops, and the staple of every good escape room…. a UV light.


Remember when we mentioned you’d actually learn stuff whilst having fun? We provide a list of learning outcomes and workshop ideas for all of our escape rooms.

our values.


Be intriguing

When people have fun and are curious, they learn more, they engage better, and make positive connections with the subject.


Be inclusive

We don't like leaving people out, so that means finding ways of including everyone and ensuring there are equal opportunities for learning.


Be innovative

When we stand still, we lose our competitive edge so we’re always on the look out for new ideas, new connections and new ways to think.

like what you see?

meet the founder.

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Stokes-Waters

Amy is the CEO and main driver behind esc. With over a decade of experience in the IT sector, Amy's built a reputation as a force of nature, disrupting the industry with her no nonsense approach. Her past roles cover sales, marketing and project management, and with a network that's tough to rival, she knows how to make things happen. 

An advocate for bringing more women and minorities into cyber, Amy speaks about diversity and inclusion regularly, both at events and on social media. 

She likes to do things differently. And believes good things come to those who put the effort in. 

advisory board.

Tinesh Chhaya, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board

Tinesh Chhaya

Tinesh is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Decipher Cyber and their innovative Jenny platform. He brings a wealth of commercial experience to the team. 

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Advisory Board

dane clackworthy

Dane's twenty years in the Royal Marines, and more recent experience as Head of Sales with OT specialists CyberPrism, brings invaluable insights into the military and CNI sectors.

Phil Cracknell, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board

Phil Cracknell

Since the 90s, Phil's been an instrumental figure in the cyber security industry having held numerous prestigious roles, including advising the UK Cabinet Office. 

Kasia Ferguson, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board


An award-winning filmmaker with more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and comms, Kasia is the Senior Global Communications Program Manager at Trend Micro.

Rik Ferguson, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board


Rik investigates the wider implications of new developments in technology, and their potential impact on security. He is currently the Vice President of Security Intelligence at Forescout.

Advisory Board

Rob Lancaster

Rob's been with us since day one, sharing his extensive business knowledge and supporting the delivery of our in-person events through his company, Outstanding Events.

Keith Price, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board

Keith Price

Keith's security experience is unparalleled, having held senior roles in the US military including Director of Security Operations at the DoD. He now works in the UK public sector as a CSO.

Michael Sage, Advisory Board Member at The Cyber Escape Room Co.
Advisory Board


Heading up the Digital Services department at Chelmsford City Council, Michael brings his knowledge of UK public sector to the team. And a huge stack of ideas for new scenarios. 

we get by with a little help from our friends.

We work with carefully chosen partner organisations to make sure we're bringing you the best experiences for training, team building, and totally awesome events. We only work with the best of the best. So you know you're in good hands with us.

Punk Security Logo, Partners of The Cyber Escape Room Co.

punk security

Punk Security are making waves in the DevSecOps sector, bringing together consulting, development and security expertise to help clients improve processes and systems.

Whether you're looking for guidance on secure app development, consultancy to identify vulnerabilities, or training for your dev team, get in touch with Punk Security.

Bilic Logo, Partners of The Cyber Escape Room Co.


Bilic is a cyber security company using generative AI technology to fight fraud and cyber crime. With training being an important yet frequently boring part of a good cyber defensive strategy, Bilic is building synthetic agents to transform the way we learn. Say goodbye to the dull and tedious routines of traditional training methods, and welcome a thrilling era of interactive and immersive learning via Bilic’s “agent army”.


Outstanding Events

Outstanding Events takes great pride in seamlessly integrating a no-hassle, fully managed and always outstanding tech package into any event. Having over thirty years experience in the industry means that they know how to best combine technology with event management.

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