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escape room games.

Dive into our expertly crafted, ready-made cyber security escape room games, designed to tackle essential cyber security awareness topics. These off-the-shelf solutions are ideal for your next cyber event, providing an engaging and effective way to captivate clients or train your team.

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Whether you're looking for a bespoke activity for your next client-facing event, or something specific for your security awareness programme, we've got you covered with our bespoke escape room scenarios.

Tailored to your industry, desired learning objectives, or product set, we'll craft the perfect experience for your organisation.


Mr Potts is concerned when he receives a letter demanding payment in exchange for not releasing his factory blueprint.

We cover insider risk, code breaking, and password security in this interactive escape room.


Can you save the day and help recover the organisation's data before the gang leaks it to the press?!

Learn about ransomware, phishing and password security in this immersive in-person escape room game!


Someone's left their bag on a train... using your hacking skills can you steal money from their back account before they notice?!

Brush up on OSINT, privacy, and device best practices in this escape room scenario.

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Lauren has gone missing from school. Her friend said she went to meet someone but isn't sure who or where.

Dive into code cracking, social media privacy and password security in this exciting escape room game.

Capture the Flag Events.

Engage technical team members with our Capture the Flag events. Developed in conjunction with our friends at Punk Security, we offer both out-of-the-box and bespoke activities to entertain and educate on a wide range of technical subjects.

You can choose between running a self-hosted event or bringing in one of our consultants to provide instructor-led learning alongside our practical hands-on activities. With challenges based on your tech stack, skill level and interests, you can build a truly personalised event that delivers relevant content in an engaging and interactive format.

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Test your DevSecOps skills in this CTF event, expertly crafted by the team at Punk Security.

By tackling all of the OWASP Top 10 CI/CD Risks, participants can learn and enhance their skills through play!

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Choose our custom CTF events to give you flexibility around challenge types, length and learning objectives.

Designed to your specification, we can ensure accessibility for all levels of experience for a truly inclusive event.

interactive workshops.

Discover our interactive workshops, helping to transform cyber security awareness for non-technical audiences. Whether you like the sound of a theatre production where you get to guess the insider threat, our immersive breach workshop aimed at helping your senior leaders build out an incident response plan, or something entirely different... we're here to turn cyber awareness into actionable knowledge that empowers your team to tackle threats effectively.


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Have an awesome idea for some security awareness training? Think it might be too weird? Too wacky? Too... out there? Here at Esc, we don't 'think shame'.

We embrace all ideas without judgement! Fuelled by creativity, our team is bursting with innovative ideas. No idea is too bold or unconventional for us to handle, so the sky really is the limit when working with us. From board games to briefcases, festivals to Ferraris, TV shows to truly epic events... we've got the experience on hand to make your vision a reality.

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Perfect for larger audiences and even conferences, our play "Under the Hood" uses live actors to dramatise a cyber attack and subsequent data breach at a major automotive company.

Leveraging interactive technology, we pose questions to the audience between each act, asking them to help uncover the insider threat within the organisation as the story unfolds. This workshop can also be customised to suit your industry or event, and highlight risks pertinent to your organisation.

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Introducing our virtual Cyber Breach Workshop, in partnership with IP Performance. In this immersive experience, aimed at senior leaders, you'll experience the fun (can we call it that?!) of a cyber incident without the fallout from the real thing.

Engage in interactive exercises with an expert team to help build out an incident response plan, including a playbook to combat various threats, detailed workflow templates and even sample communications to press and clients.

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