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Build Breakout.

perfect for developers, devops professionals and security teams, this technical training delivers engaging and interactive learning opportunities

team size

10-500 players


24 hours



what's the deal?

This Capture the Flag event is perfect for development teams looking to build on their security skills in a challenging and fun environment.

Developed by the team at Punk Security, experts in DevSecOps, it can be run as either a self-hosted event or in a hybrid format with instructor-led sessions to help guide participants through the learning objectives.

Through the use of interactive, hands-on activities players compete against each other (and the clock) to solve as many challenges as they can.


what's covered?

Focused specifically on the OWASP Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks, this CTF highlights the most critical security vulnerabilities that can arise during the software development lifecycle, from code creation to deployment.

insufficient flow control mechanisms

inadequate identity management

dependency chain abuse

poisoned pipeline execution

insufficient pipeline based access control

insufficient credential hygiene

insecure system configuration

ungoverned use of 3rd party services

improper artifact integrity validation

insufficient logging & visibility

Like what you see?

Talk to us about bringing interactive technical training to your security, development or DevOps teams!

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meet the punks.

Meet Punk Security. Some of our best friends and maybe the coolest kids on the block when it comes to technical training and development in the cyber security space.

Offering expertise in cyber, DevOps, and DevSecOps, Punk Security have been on the scene since 2021. Working with global brands, SMB organisations and even start ups like us, they have a wealth of knowledge covering every area of the technical cyber security realm.

Their gamified learning services have taken technical training to the next level, combining hands-on and interactive activities with engaging instructor-led content designed to deliver maximum impact to delegates.

So if you're looking for a way to tantalise your techies, dazzle your developers, and seduce your security team with super sexy hands on learning, then look no further.

Our team at illumio recently competed in a custom ctf event and it was a great experience! the ctf was not only challenging but also immensely educational.


want something less technical?

Dive into our range of ready made escape rooms and workshops, perfect for security awareness training and corporate events with a less technical audience.

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interactive theatre

under the hood.

Ideal for larger audiences, our interactive theatre workshop dramatises a cyber attack and subsequent data breach at a major automotive company.

As the story unfolds, the audience must try identify the insider threat.

Escape Room

The Dilemma

Can you save the day and help recover the organisation's data before the gang leaks it to the press?!

Learn about ransomware, phishing and password security in this immersive escape room game!

Escape Room


Mr Potts is concerned when he receives a letter demanding payment in exchange for not releasing his factory blueprint.

We cover insider risk, code breaking, and more in this entirely technology free scenario.

Escape Room

The Heist.

Someone's left their bag on a train... using your hacking skills can you steal money from their back account before they notice?!

Learn about OSINT and privacy in this interactive and fun scenario.

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