security training that won't send you to sleep.

Put your skills to the test with our interactive cyber escape rooms, CTFs and workshops designed to increase employee engagement and make learning fun. Don’t roll your eyes. It’s possible.

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Video-based learning is great, except when it isn't. And how can you make sure your team are actually listening to what's being said?

With all the negative 'no, don't click that' rhetoric that comes from the majority of training providers, is it any wonder people have stopped paying attention?

So we're here to spice things up. We're bringing cyber security training to life, using hands-on activities that make training impactful, memorable and fun.

security awareness

Designed to provide security awareness training in an innovative and engaging manner, our cyber escape room activities are the perfect antidote to tedious training.

corporate events

Bring something different to the table (quite literally) for your next client event or conference with a cyber escape room for an inclusive, cyber-relevant activity. 

team building

Get your teams together for a team building event they won't forget in a hurry. Ditch the dull and spoil your teams with an inclusive and engaging activity they'll love.

what's on offer?

Here at Esc, we bring cyber security to life through immersive and interactive learning experiences. Our unique approach combines the thrill of escape rooms with the essential knowledge of cyber security, providing hands-on training that is both engaging and educational.

custom escape rooms

Engage your team with our custom-designed escape rooms that challenge and educate participants on critical cyber security concepts. Perfect for corporate training and events, these immersive experiences foster teamwork and enhance learning retention.

Out-of-the-Box Games

Explore our range of ready-made cyber security escape room games, each designed to address key cyber security topics, including passwords and insider threat. These solutions are perfect for quick deployment and can be easily integrated into your existing training programs.

interactive workshops

Tailor-made activities, workshops and events crafted to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We design unique scenarios that address your particular challenges and objectives, ensuring your team gains practical, applicable skills in a fun and engaging environment.

capture the flag competitions

Engage technical team members with our Capture the Flag events. Developed in conjunction with our friends at Punk Security, we offer both out-of-the-box and bespoke activities to entertain and educate on a wide range of technical subjects.

out of the box games.

Dive into our expertly crafted, ready-made cyber security escape room games, designed to tackle essential cyber security awareness topics. These off-the-shelf solutions are ideal for your next cyber event, providing an engaging and effective way to captivate clients or train your team.

Can you save the day and help recover the organisation's data before the gang leaks it to the press?!

Learn about ransomware, phishing and password security in this immersive in-person game!

Someone's left their bag on a train... using your hacking skills can you steal money from their back account before they notice?!

Learn about OSINT, privacy, and not leaving your devices lying around in this interactive and fun scenario.

Lauren has gone missing from school and we can't find her anywhere. Her friend said she went to meet someone but isn't sure who or where.

Dive into code cracking, social media privacy and password security in this exciting escape room game.

Mr Potts is concerned when he receives a letter demanding payment in exchange for not releasing his factory blueprint.

We cover insider risk, code breaking, and password security in this interactive escape room.

what people say about us.

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mark goodwin.

Head of AppSec, Matillion

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bronagh healey.

Cyber Skills Manager, HMRC

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sophie davies.

Senior GRC Analyst, Boohoo

Esc is fun, engaging, educational training that offers an awesome complimentary package for cyber security across the whole organisation, it's also exceptional value for money! Win-win-win!

Michael Sage

Head of Digital, Chelmsford City Council

The cyber escape room has been excellent. We took it away to Germany and I had five teams of five go through it, all of them thought it was really fun and made them start thinking about their security procedures.


CISO, Ministry of Defence

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