escape traditional team building.

Give your team a treat with a cyber escape room activity that's engaging, effective, and exciting. Combine fun, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive experience your team will love.

unlock your team's potential.

Take your team building to the next level with our immersive escape room experiences. By challenging your team in a fun and engaging environment, you'll help them develop essential skills, foster stronger relationships, and create a more cohesive and effective team.

enhance collaboration

Our escape rooms challenge teams to work together, encouraging open communication and collaboration. Participants must share information, brainstorm ideas, and leverage each other's strengths to solve puzzles and achieve their goals.

core skills development

Each escape room is designed to test and improve your team’s problem-solving abilities. Participants will face a series of challenges that require creative thinking and communication, honing their ability to tackle real-world problems.

boost morale & team spirit

Fun and excitement are at the heart of our escape rooms. As teams work together to escape, they build camaraderie and create lasting memories. This experience fosters a positive team spirit and boosts overall morale, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

what's included?

physical bits & bobs

The actual contents of the escape room will differ based on the scenario, but you'll get stuff like notebooks, a wallet, picture frames, and everyone's favourite, a UV light.


Most of our escape rooms come with their own laptop, smartphone or tablet (or a combination of them) to make it a more realistic game.

Back pack Mock Up (1)

digital artefacts

Alongside the physical elements of the escape room, we include digital artefacts like applications, social media accounts, and documents to inspect.


Of course we send you the all important instructions for set up, alongside some hints and tips for making an awesome event!

out of the box games.

Dive into our expertly crafted, ready-made cyber security escape room games, designed to tackle essential cyber security awareness topics. These off-the-shelf solutions are ideal for your next cyber event, providing an engaging and effective way to captivate clients or train your team.

Can you save the day and help recover the organisation's data before the gang leaks it to the press?!

Learn about ransomware, phishing and password security in this immersive in-person game!

Someone's left their bag on a train... using your hacking skills can you steal money from their back account before they notice?!

Learn about OSINT, privacy, and not leaving your devices lying around in this interactive and fun scenario.

Mr Potts is concerned when he receives a letter demanding payment in exchange for not releasing his factory blueprint.

We cover insider risk, code breaking, and password security in this interactive escape room.

We've often struggled for away day activities as we have quite a wide range of staff to accommodate, so some people often lose out. The escape room was a great way to bring the team together inclusively, in a familiar but challenging way. It definitely ticked our boxes and we will definitely be keeping you in mind for future team-building and away-day activities.

matt hunter

digital forensics manager, national trading standards