the bank heist.

steal the money before you're found out!

Cyber Escape Room Co. - Bank Heist


As a member of elite hacker gang, Atomic Kitten, you're always on the look out for criminal opportunities. And today is your lucky day!

You've been sat on the train opposite a woman who happened to have alighted and left her rucksack behind.

Never one to pass up the chance to make some money, you decide to have a dig around and see what you can do with this potential goldmine.

With an hour until she reaches her destination and realises her bag has been lost, can you break into her bank account and transfer yourself some of her hard-earned dollar.

Good luck, the gang is counting on you.

learning outcomes.

Alongside more 'technical' learning outcomes, like those listed below, our escape rooms all help to develop players' core skills. Working in groups, participants can expect to build on their teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills whilst learning about information security. It's kind of a package deal.

social media privacy

With real life social media accounts available as part of the scenario, players should be able to identify problems with privacy settings and come up with ideas for securing their own accounts against potential threat actors.

guessable passwords

Passwords that use the names of pets and family should be avoided. As part of this scenario, we'll see why that is. Through the use of traditional OSINT and some more 'interesting' activities, we will learn about password security.


This scenario centres around the victim losing their device on a train. We can easily translate the threats looked at in this game into real world risks related to device security, including poor password hygiene and app sec.


Alongside the use of weak or guessable passwords, we can also discover instances of other poor password hygiene within this scenario. The use of a password file on the desktop, for instance, is a great learning opportunity for players.