The Cyber Escape Room Co. Relaunch.

Capture the Talent has officially rebranded to Esc – The Cyber Escape Room Co., marking a significant transformation in the company’s identity and direction under the sole leadership of CEO, Amy Stokes-Waters. The rebrand was celebrated with an awesome event in the heart of Manchester, where 45 enthusiastic participants descended onto the Digital Security Hub (or DiSH) to experience an interactive cyber escape room, engage in some networking, and of course indulge in some pizza and beer.

The decision to rebrand to The Cyber Escape Room Co. reflects our evolving focus on delivering innovative security awareness training experiences. Our interactive cyber escape rooms educate participants on the important of cyber security whilst providing an engaging and enjoyable event. Developing this unique fusion of entertainment and education has been the turning point in the company’s direction.

We’ve done a heck of a lot of exploration around services over the last couple of years, and felt it was time to nail our flag to the mast and stick with what we consider our most innovative product. Our new name really reflects who we are as a business, and we’re really proud to be relaunching under this new banner,” said Amy Stokes-Waters, Founder and CEO of The Cyber Escape Room Co. “Our team is so excited to be working on this new direction and to support our clients with providing engaging and educational cyber escape room activities.

The relaunch event was a resounding success, with 45 attendees, including cybersecurity professionals, business owners, and students, showing the diverse audience that these activities can cater for. Participants were treated to a captivating escape room challenge designed to put their cyber security awareness and teamwork skills to the test. The immersive experience allowed attendees to delve into the world of password security and ransomware response without the FUD usually associated with cybersecurity training.

In addition to the interactive escape room, the event provided an exceptional networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts. Final year student, Kay Adelaja, shared his thoughts with us post event. “The unique hands on experience was pretty amazing, then the ability to step out of my comfort zone and communicate and collaborate was invaluable to me as a beginner taking my first steps in this field. It also encouraged critical thinking and problem-solving in a very fun and engaging manner.

The rebranding of Capture the Talent to The Cyber Escape Room Co. represents a significant step forward in the company’s mission to make cybersecurity education engaging, memorable, and accessible to a broader audience. The name change aligns the company’s brand identity with its innovative approach to teaching cybersecurity principles through immersive experiences.

The Cyber Escape Room Co. is set to continue its journey, offering captivating escape room experiences and promoting cybersecurity awareness. As a pioneering force in the intersection of entertainment and education, the company aims to inspire a new generation of cyber-conscious individuals.

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About The Cyber Escape Room Co.:

The Cyber Escape Room Co. is a leading provider of interactive cybersecurity experiences. Combining entertainment with education, the company offers immersive escape room challenges designed to educate and engage participants in the world of cybersecurity. The Cyber Escape Room Co. is dedicated to making cybersecurity accessible and enjoyable for all.

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