A Big Thumbs Up from the Ministry of Defence.

Way back in April at UK Cyber Week, we had the pleasure of connecting with a CISO working with the most elite team in the UK Ministry of Defence, the Special Forces!

They were looking for something a little different that could be completed with smaller groups as part of an ongoing awareness training programme. And we had just the thing!

Throughout November, they’ve been putting their teams to the test with our cyber escape room in a box and using them as a vehicle for opening up conversations about cyber security in an innovative and engaging way.

Obviously, we wanted to show off what he said so here are the words in full, shared (of course) with their permission:

“The cyber escape room has been excellent. We took it away to Germany and I had five teams of five go through it, all of them thought it was really fun and made them start thinking about their security procedures.

On return to the UK, I then got it round four of my locations, and it is being used for the final time tonight. Again, the guys have thought it’s really engaging and have enjoyed using it.

The most interesting parts for me have been during the debriefs at the end. It’s been great to hear of people’s own experiences of being hacked, or dealing with their companies being hacked, and then being able to pull out the similarities between those attacks and what they learnt in the escape room.

It has been critically useful to focus people’s attention to the threats, and what they can do to reduce the risk of us being attacked.

So, a big thumbs up from us!”

Could we ask for any better feedback? Absolutely not. Want to do some cyber training that has the seal of approval from our nation’s top military team? Of course you do.

Contact us now and find out how YOU can get involved with our cyber escape room activities available from just £1,500! 🤩

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